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We at BE Repaired can help you with repairs from General Maintenance to Major Repairs and everything in between.

When you are needing a bulb changed, tire rotation, oil changes or window regulator changed, we at BE can help. No Job is too small to get you going on your way.

If you are having major problems like engine knocking, smoking, running rough, check engine light on or even no start, Again we at BE can help.

Do you have a need for front end or brake problems? Call us to make and appointment so we can get your vehicle going down the road smoothly.

Are you looking for a place that will treat you right?
A place that explain exactly what you need in terms that you can understand?
High Quality workmanship at reasonable rates?

Then you have found the right place here with BE Repaired Auto & Truck.

Please contact us to schedule your appointment and see what we can do to help you.

Do you hear that chirping noise when you are driving down the road? Does it go away as you brake to a stop? That is not the birds singing to you. It is probably your brakes telling you to get them looked at soon.
If you are hearing a grinding or growling noise as you brake, that will be your brakes yelling at you to get them repaired now before they fail you.
When your vehicle is ready for having the brakes serviced, do it a favor and call us to make your stopping ability quitter.
Cost of repairs for brakes are usually less expensive the sooner you address the issue. Let us help you save time and money.

Here are some signs that your brakes need service:

• ABS or Brake Light on
• Brake Pedal is Mushy or Going Down to the Floor When Stopping
• Car is Pulling To One Side While Braking
• A Squealing or Grinding Noise
• Vehicle Shaking or Vibrating When Braking
• Brake Fluid Under Car
• Needing to Add Brake Fluid Regularly

Here at BE Repaired Auto & Truck, we can get you fixed up right and going down the road.
Don’t Delay, Call Today.


Your engine is the heart of your vehicle. Getting regular maintenance done is the best thing you can to for it.
Routine Oil Changes, All Filters Serviced, Fluid Changes, Belt & Drive Pulley Inspection & Replacement are some of the things that will help keep your engine healthy.
When performing work on your vehicle, we look it over thoroughly and let you know if there is something that needs to be addressed sooner or later on.
We feel it is good to be a head of the game for repairs, so they don’t sneak up on you with a pricey break down when you don’t expect it.
We will give you our honest findings and will explain to you what the best approach is to fix it.
Please contact us to make your appointment when you are ready.

If your engine has a turbocharger, it is important for you to let your engine to cool down for a few minutes after driving.  Along with regular oil changes and servicing the air filter, this will help extend the life of it.
The Bearings in the turbocharger are cooled by the engine oil while the engine is running. When you Shut your engine off, your exhaust is so hot it starts to cook the oil in the bearing housing of the turbo. This is called “Coaking” This will Cause your turbo to fail prematurely.

Here are some signs that your Turbo is failing:

• If you are experiencing lack of power
• Black smoke
• Low boost numbers
• Oil leaking or seeping from your turbo and in your charge air cooler
• A Whistling noise on acceleration
• A Barking Noise on Deceleration
• Broken Blades on the Wheels of the turbo

We can inspect and repair your vehicle and turbo to get your engine to perform like it should.

Contact us for all of your needs to keep your vehicle running efficiently.

Are you noticing your vehicle seems to be getting louder as time goes on? Do You hear a rattling noise as you are going down a bumpy road? Or Worse, did a piece of your exhaust pipe fall off? Do you have black soot inside of your engine compartment?
Bring your vehicle to us to repair your exhaust system. Weather it is a simple fix like a clamp or exhaust hanger needing replacement. Or you need a complete factory exhaust replacement. We also replace bad exhaust manifolds and gaskets.

We will do right by your needs to get you going quietly.

All of us want to keep in control of our vehicles as we are driving. So when you start to notice some of these changes, Please call us to get you back into control.
• Looser Steering Wheel
• Vehicle Wanders Without Moving Steering Wheel
• As You Turn the Wheel, the Truck Jerks you to One Side
• A Clunking Noise in the Front or Rear of Vehicle While Going Over Bumps
• Un-even Wear on Tires
• Tire Leaning More Than It Should
• Difficulty Turning

These are signs of your vehicle needing repairs to tie rods, struts, ball joints, wheel u-joints, shocks, sway bars & links, steering gear box replacement and steering stabilizer replacements. We can get your vehicle repaired and driving without any worries about you being safe while driving.


When your vehicle is not running as it should, it will give you a sign. One way is the check engine light.
This will come on when part of your electrical system for the vehicle has a bad reading and send a signal to the computer. Which triggers the light to come on.
The First thing we will do is, plug in to the OBD2 Port with our scan tool and check what fault code it has. Next we will diagnose the problem back to the cause for the light.
It could be anything from a faulty sensor, a broken wire or just needing a tune up.
With higher emission standards on vehicles, the vehicles are monitored more thoroughly. Staring with the fresh air going into the engine, continuing to the exhaust coming out of your muffler. It is important to stay on top of everything running like clock work to keep your vehicle happy. A smooth running engine will keep your fuel mileage at its best.
So don’t hesitate to keep it running right. Give us a call and we will go over it all.

We enjoy the fun times with camping the same as you. We know how important it is to have Pre-Trip inspections before you load up to go down the road with your family and friends.
We can service all size Recreational Trailers, to the large Motor Homes, Gas and Diesel.
• We can do your Pre-Trip Safety inspection
• Service your Brakes
• Pack the Wheel Bearings
• Keep the Engine Serviced and Running Efficiently
• And at the end of the year when you are done have fun, we can help you with winterizing.

Don’t wait until the day before your trip because you didn’t have time. Give us a call so there are no delays for you to relax.

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